Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hammond Million Dollar Challenge

So Don issued me a photography challenge. Kind of new at this picture taking thing, but it is fun. Chad and I went to Magnolia Plantation/Gardens today and I took over 200 pictures. I might not know what I am doing when it comes to F-Stop etc, but I know how to zoom and press the button. Most pics were ok, but some came out pretty decent! Enjoy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Part II

Thought this was a great picture of Chad & I. Forgot to post it with my first post. :)

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful day in Charleston! Chad was sweet and made me breakfast in bed. He's so good to me. After a quick breakfast it was off to early church. I really enjoyed the sermon today. The music was great as was the message. In fact I got the chills a few times. It was that good. At one point, my deceased grandmother ,Genevieve, popped into my head and then I kid you not, a second after that happened, the Pastor said, "We want to congratulate such and such on the birth of their new baby girl, Genevieve." That's not really a common name, paired with the idea I was just thinking of her, hence chill moment number 1.

After church we ran back home, grabbed the puppies, changed our clothes and headed over to the Hammond's for lunch. It was delish! And we ate like it was our last supper. :) After lunch we all played Wii. It is so fun watching Chad's dad giggle playing Mario Cart. With the exception of Mario Cart Pro Chad, we all stink at it! We fall off the board, get run over by other players and basically come in dead last each time. Oh well!

So what's a Sunday Funday without a NAP? That's exactly what I did after we got home. Cuz you know, just ate a big lunch, now let's go sleep and really burn those calories! Finishing off the day watching the Masters. What happened to you Phil?

Enjoy the pictures of some of my spring flowers. We are quite proud of them. Planted over 30 dafodils and only one has bloomed so far...Oh well. Happy Easter to all.