Sunday, December 28, 2008


I finally got to decorate the upstatirs hallway the way I have been wanting too! Thanks to Mama & Daddy-I have 8 beautiful pictures frames to put 8X10 pics in. Now I just have to narrow down my selections! We got a great centerpiece from Michael's and put up some drapes. It looks better than I could have hoped! :) Enjoy!

Christmas in VA

We celebrated Christmas in VA this year. Our drive up was quite uneventful which is unusual for Chad & I. Usually there is some weird weather pattern that makes the drive memorable. Grandma and Mama cooked so much food this year-you would have thought a small army was joining us. There were so many cookies and plates of candy-it really was paradise. (I just cringe to think how many calories we consumed) BUT WHATEVER!! It is the HOLIDAYS!!

It was so nice to wake up in my childhood home and see what "Santa" brought us. It still is my "home." Lots and lots of pictures were taken (thanks to my new camera) Love my new picture frames-they are up on my wall and just waiting for my pics to put inside. That's going to be hard for me-to pick out 8 of my fav pics out of all of the ones we have taken. I have a feeling I am going to be changing them out a lot. And I can't wait to use my Barnes & Noble gift card-Thanks gram & papa!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas in Charleston

We celebrated Christmas with The Hammonds on Sunday. Pappy, Ann, Scott, Charleen & Don came over around 12:30 and we all anxiously awaited Chad's Christmas dinner. He did a great job! Our appetizer was brie in pastry dough with pecans, our main course consisted of pork tenderloin, wild mushroom rice and stuffed acorn squash. Chad really out did himself this time. It was delicious! Afterwards we exchanged gifts. Chad was SHOCKED & SURPRISED with a fishing rod and reel-he doesn't have too many of those! :) I got an awesome new camera. The picture quality is really nice and you can do some really cool stuff with it!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Misc

I really cannot belive that we are ten days from Christmas. Seriously? Where did the year go to? One moment it was September and I was turning 29 and the next moment December is basically over. Wow.

We decided to celebrate on our own for Christmas so we went downtown to our fav restaurant, Cypress, and had a nice holiday dinner. I of course got my fav-Wasabi Tuna and boy oh boy is that yummy. Afterwards, Chad said, "Let's walk to King Street and see the holiday decorations." So I agree basically to walk 4 plus blocks in 3 inch heels to King Street. Well wouldn't you know it, they don't decorate King Street anymore. What a bummer. We laughed so hard. As we were driving home we realized that now the place to decorate is Marion Square. We really need to get more involved in the cool city we live in. Only the Hammonds wouldn't know where to go to see decorations in Charleston. But hey-we know where to EAT! :) Ha ha.....

Holiday Decorations part 2

I love decorating the inside of my home for the holidays. Wait, hold on a moment. I love having my house decorated for the holidays. I absolutely despise decorating though. Luckily for me my loving husband happily agrees to decorate. Ok, I am totally full of b/s here. He hates it as much as I do, but knows that I'll never do it, so he agrees to "help" decorate. Which really means he does all the work while I stand back and say, "Oh move that a skosh to the left." In the end he always makes our home look great. Got to love that Chad!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Love the HOKIES

I drove up to Blacksburg on Friday for the VT UVA game on Saturday. I met Andy and we did a little shopping and then my fav place-MACADOS!! Of course I got my favorite-Black Bean Salsa Con Queso and a Turkey Trot-no maters. Oh how I miss Macados..... YUM. Then we walked around campus for a bit. Brought back so many memories. Wish I had appreciated college more when I was there. What can you do though? Then we headed up to Roanoke where I had a beautiful suite at The Hotel Roanoke. We had heard that downtown Roanoke was fun-but it was literally a ghost town. I am figuring because it was the day after Thanksgiving? We ended up spending the night in the hotel bar. Andy got hit on by a really old lady. That was the higlight of the night.

Saturday we got up, fought the traffic and walked 35 minutes to the stadium. Our seats were WAAAAY up in the nose bleed section right smack dab in the middle of a bunch of UVA pricks. Whatever-we won again arseholes!! The game was great. I think I might actually LIKE college football now. Go figure the season is over! ha ha!! 17 14 VT. GO HOKIES! And Merry Christmas (early) Andy! Had a blast! Love you!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Decorating

We decorated the outside of our house today! Am so excited it is time for the holidays!! Chad and I made a deal-we could decorate the outside before Thanksgiving and put trees up after turkey day. Who would have thought lights, extension cords and garland would be so expensive! Geez!! Chad definately did much more work then I did. :) Enjoy pictures of the outside, hopefully next weekend I can post some pictures of the inside!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

First Post

Today was a beautiful, Charleston day. Chad and I decided to plant some flower bulbs in our garden. The dogs were outside roaming and of course little miss nosey heard a buzzing noise and went to check it out. What does she find??? A yellow jacket nest. So now her little paw is swollen about three times its normal size. Poor Savannah......she just can't help investigating.