Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kitchen Monkey

That's my man happily grouting away with his torn rotator cuff.  He did good though-not too much bitching about it.  However, don't tell a man who has just tiled a kitchen, grouted, and didn't take a pain pill that his electrical switchplates aren't on the wall straight.  He won't be happy with you.  (But who the hell wants a crooked light switch??!!)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Work in progress

This kitchen reno has been fun.  It really makes me want to go and find an old beater of a house and fix it up.  I really think that is my calling, but alas, I can't afford to especially in this market.    One day though...

So we were without a kitchen sink and countertops from Wednesday to Tuesday.  At first it wasn't a big deal, but think about all the times you use your kitchen sink.  A the end all we wanted was just our sink back.

It was interesting being able to pull out your utensils without opening a drawer!  :)

Tuesday night came along and the installer-who is amazing by the way-pulled up in his truck with our beautiful granite.  I was so excited.  I must admit though at first I didn't think it looked too different then the old corian we had.  Chad looked at me like I had two heads.  But then, once it was nice and clean, I could totally see the difference.

We realized that the back splash that we originally picked didn't look exactly like we thought it would.  So back to the store we went and got the darker colored tiles.  (I love it now!-so glad we switched)

Here's a little sneak peak of the new tiles on the new granite:

Friday, October 29, 2010

My 31st

So I turned 31 this year.  And I have to admit being 30 something isn't so bad.   At least I was on vacation.  That makes the sting hurt less.

All I wanted to do after a week of Chad dragging me all over creation in Colorado was to sit at the pool with a little drinky and relax.  And maybe also go for a horseback/jeep tour.  So after begging Chad to get on board with this plan, off I ran to the Concierge to book our jeep tour.

We had a really awesome tour guide and I must admit, going places in the off season is perfect!  We were on a tour that normally would have had 8 ppl on it, but b/c it was the off season, it was just me and Chad in our jeep.  We went up the mountain towards Cripple Creek and it was so cool to be on the dirt road with the switchbacks overlooking CO Springs.  Once we arrived at the stables, we saddles up and headed out.  Just our jeep tour guide (who was related to our horseback guide), me, Chad, our guide, his dog and the farms goats!  That was the cutest part!  The guide said the goats never go on "tour" with him, but the decided to tag along.  I think it is b/c Chad was petting them prior to getting on the horse.  I bet they never get any attention.  They were so adorable. 

After a really fun ride through the mountains, we headed back to the hotel for a much needed relaxation day for me.  Enter the malibu and pineapple drinks.....yum....Nothing. better. than. being. poolside.   (Especially at a 5 star resort!)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pikes Peak

Another beautiful day trip is up to Pike's Peak. You pass through so many different types of live it is truly amazing. We started at the base of Pike's Peak and it was in the 80's. By the time we go to the top, it was in the 40's.

You pass through forests, and lakes and then the closer you get to the top, the less and less foliage can survive. You finish your drive at this barren rock top at Pike's Peak. 14,000 feet up in the air.

Probably one of the coolest things are the switch backs. On the way back down they measure the temperature of your breaks. Let's just say, Melissa got a time out with her rental car. WHO knew I rode the breaks the way I did on the way down. But in my own defense, there weren't any guardrails and we all know I DON'T drive slow.
I hope you enjoy some of our pictures from Pike's Peak!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CO-Garden of the Gods

An amazing example of mother nature at her finest is Garden of the God's. Located just 15 minutes from The Broadmoor, I was excited to take Chad here for our first hike. Just enough hiking to keep him from wanting me to hike a mountain, and just enough "clean" outdoors for me to be able to stand it for the day.

I am not much of a hiker. Stick me on the well traveled path and I am a happy girl. You know-the kind with mile markers, exits, and other tourists. Chad-not so much. He enjoys the "path" you machete through, and find yourself lost. He enjoys finding the way back out. Me-uh yeah, I don't think so.

So enter Garden of the Gods. Amazing rock formations that kept him from realizing we were in a public park with young families, old people, fat people, skinny people, non-hikers. :) Perfect!

If you are ever in the Springs area, you must go to this place. No entry fee (which is uncommon in CO Springs) and just absolutely gorgeous. Great place to take your doggies too for a walk. Wish Savannah and Cooper could have traveled with us.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Colorado Part I

Each year we go on a vacation. We started out always going to the Caribbean, but then decided we should start seeing and visiting the country we live in.

This year we decided to go to Colorado. After living there for one really kick butt summer, I decided that Chad would love to see where I spent a part of my life. So off we went to Colorado Springs, CO.

Amazing hook up at The Broadmoor?--Check
Beautiful hiking around the springs?-- Check
White water rafting down the Arkansas?--Check
Spluenking through a cave?--check
Horseback riding in the mountains?--Check
Turning 31--check

I'll feature some pictures over the trip on the next couple of blogs...Enjoy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Love my hair

I blogged last month on Collette at Southern Style Salon on my business blog.

And I got to tell you again-I LOVE THIS WOMAN.  She makes my hair look so good.  While I can never make it look as good as she can, she does cut it well enough for even me to do.  Sure-she's a little on the pricey side, but gosh it so worth every penny.  I feel HOT when I walk out of the if only I can figure out a way to afford a way for her to do my hair EVERY DAY.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boot Camp

I am always looking for ways to change up my work out. For three years I have been working out at Gold's Gym. While I love the group classes (I am not one for the do it yourself treadmill or stair stepper) I must say that I am bored lately with the gym.

Bring on boot camp. For the month of September I attened Max Fitness Boot Camp on John's Island. Mike Romano was freaking awesome. He kicked our butt to a new level and left me thinking most days, "Did I actually work out for three years?" Sadly, Mike moved his family to New England to run a fab gym up there. That left me thinking, "Now what"

Let me introduce Fly Dog Boot Camp. These bitches work your OVER. Every M, W, F, Hope and I get to North Charleston at 6 frickin AM and get our butts worked out for an hour of intense cardio and weights.

I am curious to see how the month of October changes me. I already notice that I feel better and stronger. My time for the 300 was 21:30. Basically 10 exercises that are timed and you have to do 30 reps of each. Can I add there were three effing different types of push ups? Kill me!

I am a boot camp junkie. I love it, I can't wait for it. I enjoy being tortured. I need help.
PS-that's Krystin in the picture above with me & Mike. She's pretty bad ass too. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So here are some of the finishings we have picked for our kitchen. Can't wait to show you the after shots! Hopefully I survive my kitchen being a total mess. Then again....I don't cook-so it should be ok! ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kitchen Before

So we made the decision to renovate our kitchen. We've never loved the corian that the builder picked for our kitchen. It's a gray color and there is nothing gray about our house or our kitchen. It has always been one of those things we've looked at and thought-dang those countertops are ugly. And yes, I know-most people don't even have or care about nice countertops. But Chad & I are different. We love really nice things and after working at Kiawah we WANT really nice things. Call it one of the problems of the job.

So we have saved our pennies and have picked a really cool granite countertop that really fits with the look of our kitchen. We can't wait. Wednesday the granite dude comes and is going to rip out our current countertops and make the template for our new ones. We. Can't. Freakin. Wait.
Above are some pictures of our current kitchen.....Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Really? Feb was the last time I blogged for this site? That's crazy. Amazing how life gets away from you.

I am going to make more of an attempt to keep this blog up. Hopefully some fun things will be going on here in the next few months.
Today Chad and I picked out our back splash for our new kitchen and planted bulbs in our patio that we constructed this past spring. So enjoy a few new pictures and I promise-I am back!