Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Real Housewives of NYC-Reunion

This show is seriously like heroin for me. I can not get enough. I wake up the day after the show and immediately log onto their blogs. If they haven't blogged, I get annoyed. Hollywood couldn't write this "Sheeeeet" any better than these women. And each week your favorite wife changes-it is just amazing how these women can HATE each other one second and then turn around and love each other. It baffles my brain. I thought the OC women were mean, they ain't got nothing on a New Yorker. HARD CORE.

Now about the NJ women-uh, I'll have to get back to you on that one. Not too sure about these chics. They might be too dirty for even me. At least the NYC girls have class-these broads-well let's just say the jury is out. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sammie's Wedding

What a beautiful wedding Sammie had on Saturday, May 9th. The weather was GORGEOUS. (Ok a little warm-but not a cloud in the sky) She looked stunning in her dress and the sash she added was such a great touch. In fact, she bought us all these beautiful brooches (sp?) to add to our dresses too. She's such a fashionista. I need her to dress me! :) Anyways, she couldn't have married a greater guy. Rob is so good to her and they are a perfect match. They both compliment each other so nicely. We had an absolute blast at their reception. I had just enough wine that I loosened up to dance, but not so much that I made a fool out of myself either! :) (However, that does not mean that I can dance-I just didn't look too stupid out there).

Habitat for Humanity-Women Build Day

On Monday, May 8th, I participated in Women Build Day for Habitat for Humanity. What an awesome day that was. About 12 of us from KIGR helped build a home for the Ramierz family and it was an honor to be there. I thought we would be painting, but no-we were outside building the framework of the house. Hope and I learned how to use a saws-all and a chop saw. We cut out the windows and doors of their home. (God I hope their windows don't leak!) Bunny was a pro on the nailing side. (I am not such a good hammer person!) We had a great day and by the time it was over, I was covered in sawdust from head to toe. After our day, we all met at a bbq joint and had a well deserved beer. It never tasted so good!