Monday, March 26, 2012

My new fav color is GREY

Yes, my new favorite color is grey...No lie.  If you aren't reading this book, well you should be.....and I'm not ashamed to admit that here on this blog! 

I'd recommend that your husband, boyfriend, etc is within arms reach...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A great book

I just finished reading a great book, The Baker's Daughter after reading about it on JCHOKIE 's blog spot.  It was such an easy read, but totally had me from the very beginning.  I don't want to give away too much, but let's just say there were tears and smiles.  If you want a book that makes ya feel sad but then gives you a bit of hope in the end, read it.

When I was in Starbucks today buying chocolate  the girl behind the counter was crying.  Kind of weird and I debated on "Do I ask her what's wrong and deal with the consequences?" So I decided to show a little compassion and ask her if she was ok.  Maybe she was being held against her will at Starbucks?  Being forced to drink latte after latte??  She smiled and said she was fine, but the book she was reading was so sad.  SAD??  A book that makes you CRY.  Well sign me up people-where's my kindle....My brain was  So here's my next read:
For me there is nothing better than a book that makes me sob-like snot rolling, eyes puffy, nose stuffing, air gasping SOB.  I love it.  And my friends wonder why I look like hell the next day at work....most have figured out I stayed up all night reading a sad book.  What is wrong with me??

After that read, I'm going for my Guaranteed to Make Me Cry like a Baby Author-Jodi Picoult.....Lone Wolf.  She never lets me down.  I should buy stock in Kleenex.
What are you currently reading?  And is anyone else as giddy as I am about The Hunger Games??

Sunday, March 11, 2012


A couple of weekends ago, Hammond and I actually had a Sunday off together.  Yes, you read that right.  ONE day off together in a really long time.  And I guess he missed me so much that he was delirious happy to accompany me to one of my FAVORITE stores in Charleston (that just happens to be down the road from us). 

We had decided that after four years in the house, we could go ahead and purchase a dining room rug.  The poor room is almost the last room in the house to have anything really done to it.   It had a lot of good pieces in it, but needed a rug to pull it all together. We taped off the room with painter's tape to see about what size we needed to buy and played with the throw rug at the front door to see what color we wanted.

  So we went rug shopping and found that finding a rug the size we needed in somewhat of a decent budget was going to be tough.  And by decent I mean "not taking out a loan for a rug" decent.  And as if it was meant to be, there was the perfect rug on sale at GDC!

Now you know what happens when you start on a room, right?  You think, "I'll just buy ONE thing and it will complete the room."  YEAH RIGHT...Sure as poop, I decided it was time to get rid of the old buffet and that we needed some art to flank the china cabinet.  More on that later.....Once I have the room complete, I'll show you the final product.  I'll be attempting to give two old window sashes a weathered crackle look this week.  Channeling Martha Stewart now........Here are some windows that I almost bought, but actually didn't as they were $100 a pop.  They did have a cool story behind them, but cool story ain't paying my bills.  I did end up finding some old windows at Habitat ReStore.

Back to GDC- I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces with you that I saw as I was walking around the store.  There is a sideboard that I keep trying to force into my house, but my decor just doesn't fit it and a GORGEOUS dresser that I really REALLY want for the third bedroom.    Enjoy my "shopping trip"  :)
I am in LOVE with this piece.

Must have this dresser

This china cabinet was HUGE.  The picture doesn't do it justice

Cute idea for a sunroom or back patio

This almost came home with was for the dining room PEOPLE!

Not at GDC, but an antique store and wanted to share it anyways

What room is currently on your re-design list?