Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random shopping pictures

When we were out shopping for the statement pieceSTATEMENT PIECE in the living room, we went to some great shops in Charleston.  Again, one of my favorites is GDC.  So I snapped some pieces that grabbed my attention.   Enjoy!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this dining room table.  Makes me want to sell mine and start over!

Thought these were so pretty.  I bet when they glow with a candle they are stunning

Love the rug!

Talk about bold.  Hammond loved it-give ya one guess why...

Picture does not do this bed justice-it was gorgeous!

Thought these were fun

LOVE!  Want it now

This might end up in my living room one day soon.
Stores like GDC make me want to go buy another house and start all over again decorating.  They are so inspirational and their pieces are so beautiful. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Living room pick me up

The corner of our living room has been killing me ever since we moved in.  It housed a terrible plant that I really didn't like and all of our surround sound equiptment.  Finally one day last week I had enough of it.  I took the tree outside and threw it in the woods gave it a proper burial.

(Seriously the tree was so bad I didn't want proof it existed on here)

I wanted a statement piece in that corner.  At first I was thinking a bold, colorful piece, that is different from everything in our house.  Not sure Hammond was into that, but I was determined to change his mind.

We went shopping at some great furniture stores in the area and narrowed it down to a few pieces at Nadeau Home.  Nadeau is a great store in Mt. Pleasant and their furniture is very generously priced.  If you had the same pieces in some of the more popular stores like GDC, I'm pretty sure you'd pay about 50% more.

Here were the contenders:

Hammond's pick

Fit the bill-colorful and statement piece

Felt like this was a compromise between the two of us

Like Hammond's pick but had more color

I was going back and forth between Hammond's pick and the picture above.  I really wanted a pop of color and Hammond really wanted subdued.  Then I rounded the corner and saw this beauty.   Now is it colorful-maybe.  Is it a statement piece-yes, definately.  And guess what-we both agreed on it. (Perhaps he agreed because he was ready to get the heck out of there..but whatever-he agreed)

So we charged her up and loaded her in the truck and off we went...

And then we spent the next four hours taking down our surround sound and figuring out how to make it all fit in this thing.  Have you ever pulled furniture out of a corner that you know you should always clean but never have gotten around to doing?  Holy balls there was a lot of dust in this corner.   I felt like a pretty bad houekeeper, but guess what-that corner is as clean as its ever going to be as a whistle now.

Here she was after we got her in and set up.  Now we just had to find some accessories.

And after some serious accessory shopping, her she is!  I think it turned out great!  I'm undecided about the bowl on top.  I just picked that up today.  We'll see what Hammond thinks of it...what do you think?