Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stairwell Dress Up

We Hammond loves a good project.  And I of course love to help (ok observe and take pictures).  So I was very excited when Hammond decided to dress up our stairwell.  We basically wanted an extension of the same trim from the dining room going up the stairwell.  I think it turned out really great and it really helped dress up that area.  It went from not being noticed, to really being a pretty feature of the house.  You see the stairs first when you walk in, so I love how it pops first thing!

Here are some before pictures from when we first bought the house-prior to moving in.  (This was probably right before we signed the papers and I found an unlocked window and climbed in let myself in)

Here is during the project (I'm sure Hammond is going to be so excited I have more pics of him on the blog...)

And the final product.  I love it.  Thank you to my amazingly handy husband.  He does such good work.  XOXO  (Now can we paint the banister black??  Pretty please?)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seriously Mom & Dad?

A few weeks back, we were trying to figure out a paint color for the hallway.  It was a fairly sunny day out, so I guess Savannah thought it should be spent outside, not inside.  As you can see from this selection of photos, she was not amused that we were trying to decide on paint instead of playing with her.

This first one I can imagine her thinking, "Huh?  Paint, what? But it is SUNNY outside"

"Come on guys, you have got to be kidding me.  No, I'm putting my paw down.  We are not doing this.  Mom-Let's go play!"
"This is really ridiculous you guys!  Look I.WANT.TO.PLAY!"

Crazy girl-I love you so much!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Strawberry Pickin'

Saturday, Hammond and I went strawberry picking.  I know-it is only the beginning of March, but I guess strawberries grow good and early in South Carolina.  I have the best and funniest memories of strawberry picking with my family at The Chesterfield Berry Farm from when I was a little girl.  Every year I say to Hammond, "We are going to go berry picking!" And every year comes and goes and we never do it.  SO this year, when I saw that the berries were ready, I said, "put your berry pickin boots on and lets go!"  Reluctantly he got in the truck and off we went to Ambrose Farms
We had a good time walking up and down the rows of berries and trying to out do each other's. 


That night I made the best strawberry shortcake ever.  Even one of our friends was surprised at how well it came out.  (Maybe because I looked a little confused when I was reading this super easy recipe-I think he had his doubts on how well it would come out!)  But seriously-log onto this girl's blog RIGHT NOW and download this.  Who would have thought that putting balsamic vinegar into your strawberries would be so good.?!  And yes, I did the entire recipe from scratch-minus the whipped cream.  I like whipped cream from the can.  Don't judge.  Best Strawberry Shortcake Recipe