Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lone Wolf

I'm reading a new book on my kindle by Jodi Picoult-Lone Wolf.  I've just started reading it and am not too far into it but so far I really like it.  In fact I don't think I've met a Jodi Picoult book that I haven't liked yet.  She really does write about interesting topics and it looks like this one is going to really make you question what you believe in.  I looked at her website (found HERE ) and then read a great interview she did on the Huffington Post (found HERE) So I now have a better idea of what I am getting into by reading this book.  I love authors that give me a great story and something to think about in the end.  It makes my drive into work (all 45 mins of it) interesting as I toss around different ideas in my head about the story and how I really feel about the subject.  (Unlike my "other" book where it just made me BLUSH the entire time I read it-50 shades-found HERE

If you read this book with me, let me know what you thought of it!  And if you are reading something good-let me know!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hi, My name is Melissa and .....

I have a problem.   It's a big problem recently.  It's called a shoe whore.  I don't know what happened to me.  I was doing so well saving my money, being an adult (BORING) and all of a sudden I bought one pair.  Just one...and then another and before I knew it, I had four new pairs of shoes.  WTF?  Someone tell me to stop!  And when Hammond asks, "Did you get new shoes?" I look at him and give him that "who me?" look and say "these old things...nah...Not new"  b/c technically I already wore them around the house and that makes them "used."  Right? 

Dear Wachovia/Wells Fargo-please allow my debit card to keep swiping, you know for the important things in life  shoes.

Banana (Outlet folks!!!)

Franco Sarto (Macy's ON SALE)

Nine West (Macy's CLEARANCE)

Guess! (Macy's-don't judge!!!)
So, yes, Hammond-if you look at this blog-those shoes were "new" at one time!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My best friend's wedding

Last week I was home in Virginia celebrating Jennie's wedding to Matt.  It was a fun filled couple of days and she looked absolutely stunning.   I had my camera but didn't have a whole lot of time to take pictures.  Her wedding day went by so quickly.  She was a gorgeous bride.   So happy for her.  Now she's off enjoying the Maldive Islands while I'm sitting on my sofa watching it rain in Chucktown. 

We started the day by meeting over at her Mom's house where her brother and her dad had decked out their front yard with flamingo's (Flamingo's are their thing-it was cute)

We hopped in a limo and went over to the ceremony and reception site called The Mill at Fine Creek which is probably one of the most beautiful places to get married-ever.

We all sat around, laughed, talked and watched each other get our hair and make up done for the big day.  I really wish I had snapped pictures, but it was fun just hanging out and being relaxed.  Cristen looking beautiful as always

 Here is my hair from the back

And the bride getting even more gorgeous than usual

The inside of the reception location had an awesome layout for a wedding.  The flow was very nice from the entry, to the bar, to the actual dance floor, tables, etc.  You never felt boxed in, which was really nice.

Her ceremony was gorgeous inside of the old mill and then we went inside for a good party-yummy food, fun music & dancing and my favorite-GOOD wedding cake!  And again-where the hell was my picture taking self?  Having too much fun I guess.  Here are some family shots:
Me and the brotha from the same motha:  :) (well and fatha for that matter)
 Me and the hubs
 Andy and his beautiful fiance Michelle
 A rare family shot
 My parents-so cute
 Me and Michelle

My favorite part of the whole night had to do with my parents.  Jennie's DJ had an anniversary dance where all married couples go out on the dance floor and he'll call out different years 5, 10, 20, etc-if you've been married longer than the number he calls out, you stay on the dance floor.  Well as my parents are dancing, the DJ calls out "10" to which Chad and I exit.  I hear my Dad say to my Mom-"What number do we need to exit at?  25?" To which my Mom busts out laughing and says, "Paul-your daughter is THIRTY TWO years old-was she born out of wedlock?"  My Dad had this really confused look on his face and says, "Melissa is 30??"  Me, Chad, and my Mom all bust out laughing. The man has no clue at this point how old his daughter is let alone how long he's been married.  He and my Mom spent the next couple of minutes laughing hysterically on the dance floor and I found it to be the cutest. thing. ever.  Seriously.  Precious  (For the record they've been married 38 years-so no family secret was let out of the bag!)

I've been facebook stalking her photographer's page for some sneak peaks of her wedding photos.  I leave you with these two amazing pictures.  I told you she's gorgeous-I wasn't kidding.

Stolen pictures care of Don Mears Photography

Love you Jennie L and can't wait to hear all about your honeymoon!