Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sammie's Wedding

What a beautiful wedding Sammie had on Saturday, May 9th. The weather was GORGEOUS. (Ok a little warm-but not a cloud in the sky) She looked stunning in her dress and the sash she added was such a great touch. In fact, she bought us all these beautiful brooches (sp?) to add to our dresses too. She's such a fashionista. I need her to dress me! :) Anyways, she couldn't have married a greater guy. Rob is so good to her and they are a perfect match. They both compliment each other so nicely. We had an absolute blast at their reception. I had just enough wine that I loosened up to dance, but not so much that I made a fool out of myself either! :) (However, that does not mean that I can dance-I just didn't look too stupid out there).

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