Thursday, February 18, 2010

Krav Maga Class One

I survived class one of Krav Maga and learned that I am much more passive then I ever realized. Perhaps I just like to learn things first and then get into them, but I definitely have a lot of work to do to be more assertive. (I know that this comes as a shock to most of you!) I suppose I am assertive when I am confident in something and with this class I lack confidence. WORRY NOT my friends and family……if anything, I do enjoy a good challenge especially when it is a “self challenge.”

We will be learning 5-10 techniques of Krav Maga in this 6 week class however there are more like 75-100 moves. Seeing as we can’t learn that many in such a short time, our instructor is committed to teaching us these 5-10 moves very well.

What I struggled with was the yelling. (This surprised Chad-I didn’t realize I yelled??) J Anyhoo-you have to yell when you kick/punch/flatten someone’s face like you mean it. And by mean it, I mean like if you could kill with your tone and words. If my life depended on it last night I would be dead-I just couldn’t harness any anger to yell like that. Instead I laughed. Not a good thing in this class apparently.

I was told that my technique was excellent with my kicking, punching, defense of being strangled. I guess three years of my body combat classes at Golds Gym finally paid off.

My homework this week is to learn how to go to a dark place where I can grab that anger and relay it in my tone. Mom-I know you and Daddy are coming this weekend-so you might want to bring ear plugs. I am going to practice “NO-GET BACK-STOP” Get ready! J

Again, this is my first class, but I really think EVERYONE should attend a class like this. Not only is it a great workout, but you are learning how to protect yourself. And in a world as crazy as this one is, $85 doesn’t seem like a lot to spend for self safety.

I’ll keep ya posted on my Israeli military style training for the next 6 weeks and share some tips along the way.

This week’s tip:
When kicking a dude in the groin, you want to make sure your foot goes between his legs. A man’s nature reflexes are to throw their butt back to protect their “goods” You want to kick him with the area where your foot and leg meet. This way when he throws his lower area back, you are still able to make contact and he can’t grab your foot.

Love to all…..

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