Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random shopping pictures

When we were out shopping for the statement pieceSTATEMENT PIECE in the living room, we went to some great shops in Charleston.  Again, one of my favorites is GDC.  So I snapped some pieces that grabbed my attention.   Enjoy!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this dining room table.  Makes me want to sell mine and start over!

Thought these were so pretty.  I bet when they glow with a candle they are stunning

Love the rug!

Talk about bold.  Hammond loved it-give ya one guess why...

Picture does not do this bed justice-it was gorgeous!

Thought these were fun

LOVE!  Want it now

This might end up in my living room one day soon.
Stores like GDC make me want to go buy another house and start all over again decorating.  They are so inspirational and their pieces are so beautiful. 

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JCHokie said...

I was digging that orange couch until I made the Clemson correlation. Boo. ;)