Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bucket List item-CHECK

Yes, I'm still around.  Just haven't felt like blogging.   I've had a lot go on too..maybe I'll "back blog" on it one day..but for now, I'm excited BEOTCHES..Like super excited.  I don't have much on the old "bucket list" but there is one item that I'll be CHECKING OFF on Thursday and that's a MADONNA CONCERT. 

I'm so excited I can barely stand it.  I've wanted to see Madonna in concert for uhmm, oh I don't know 33 years now?  And. I. Can't. Wait.  I talked 5 of my good friends into going with me to Charlotte.  As in I made them buy tickets in like March of this year.  Those are friends I tell you...

SO the question I dress up for her concert as in a costume?  Or just go looking super cute??  (Well as cute as I can-we all know I don't always put together the best outfits)  And what does one wear to a Madge concert??

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