Monday, February 4, 2013

Bite me Martha

I had a couple of different titles for this post such as "bite me Martha" "semi Pinterest-made" "Pinterest makes me feel like a loser" and "eff off Pinterest"

Let me explain the hostility. Every year I think I'm cool and creative and can make shit look cute like it does on Pinterest. And every year Chad shakes his head but trudges with me to michaels or lowes etc and helps keep me from going postal in the store. And every year I get ├╝ber frustrated bc let's just face it I'm better at pinning shit to Pinterest than actually making it.

But sure why not try,try again. So I of course found this cute thing on Pinterest and was determined to make it. After running around for a whole Afternoon i figured out it was gonna cost way too much, got annoyed and walked out with my "creative" (read slacker) version. The end result is my neighbors and mother in law thinking I was in a sorority. YEAH RIGHT-ME. (Rachel and Jen Chen don't fall over laughing)

Enjoy Charlestonhokie's version of a Valentine's door decor paying homage to her "chi omega" background! Ha!


Rachel Chieppa said...

I am SUPER proud of you, lady! Great work!!!! I LOVE IT!!

Jacquie Russo said...

I love it!

Jessah said...

What a fun project!

JCHokie said...

I love it, it's so cute. And look at this! You were onto something!