Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stairwell Dress Up

We Hammond loves a good project.  And I of course love to help (ok observe and take pictures).  So I was very excited when Hammond decided to dress up our stairwell.  We basically wanted an extension of the same trim from the dining room going up the stairwell.  I think it turned out really great and it really helped dress up that area.  It went from not being noticed, to really being a pretty feature of the house.  You see the stairs first when you walk in, so I love how it pops first thing!

Here are some before pictures from when we first bought the house-prior to moving in.  (This was probably right before we signed the papers and I found an unlocked window and climbed in let myself in)

Here is during the project (I'm sure Hammond is going to be so excited I have more pics of him on the blog...)

And the final product.  I love it.  Thank you to my amazingly handy husband.  He does such good work.  XOXO  (Now can we paint the banister black??  Pretty please?)


JCHokie said...

Wow, looks very beautiful & professional! Definitely adds character to the house. Chad did a great job as usual and you're a great photographer and supervisor! ;) Love the little doggy butt in one of the pics.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Nice work lady! It looks very nice. I wish my hubby and I were more handy and creative with house projects.