Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Misc

I really cannot belive that we are ten days from Christmas. Seriously? Where did the year go to? One moment it was September and I was turning 29 and the next moment December is basically over. Wow.

We decided to celebrate on our own for Christmas so we went downtown to our fav restaurant, Cypress, and had a nice holiday dinner. I of course got my fav-Wasabi Tuna and boy oh boy is that yummy. Afterwards, Chad said, "Let's walk to King Street and see the holiday decorations." So I agree basically to walk 4 plus blocks in 3 inch heels to King Street. Well wouldn't you know it, they don't decorate King Street anymore. What a bummer. We laughed so hard. As we were driving home we realized that now the place to decorate is Marion Square. We really need to get more involved in the cool city we live in. Only the Hammonds wouldn't know where to go to see decorations in Charleston. But hey-we know where to EAT! :) Ha ha.....

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