Monday, April 4, 2011


Ell-Low.  Just checking in on you to see how your weekend was.  Ha ha..Isn't that little guy funny.  I don't know why, but he makes me talk with an accent.  Noticed him as I was walking down my hallway.  He was a little voyeour looking in our windows!

Weekend was good.  Chad and I had Saturday off.  Basically just ran a bunch of errands and then Sunday afternoon after working on the 'Wah, we did yard work.  I finally got around to getting new ferns on my front porch.  Yeah, those dead things weren't really doing anything for the look of the house.  Got to thank my hubby for hooking up an amazing watering feature for my hanging baskets so now I can be totally lazy and never have to water them.  Those suckers are on a T-I-M-E-R.  WWWWHHHAAATTT?? 

With the um-dead-ferns:
All spruced up:

I went searching for a new wreath of some sorts for the front door to the house and came across door art at Kirklands.  I saw this and fell in love.  It is so different but so colorful.  Just want I "see" when I think "Spring!"

I did see on another blog (that I can't find now) where a girl took a huge letter for her last name and covered in moss.  I might try that for a summer wreath.  We'll see if I feel all "Martha Stewart"  Maybe I can convince Dirt Diva to try one for her door first and see how hard it really is.  :)

Hope you had a fabulous weekend too.  Really hard to believe it is April already....


JCHokie said...

Love the little guy! House looks beautiful with all the plants and the hanging baskets. LOVE your front porch!

Rachel Chieppa said...

Oh, my!! Your porch looks so lovely!!! I just love the color of your beautiful house. And, I absolutely LOVE the new flower on your door. I'm going to have to go get me one from Kirkland's! I know Mom will have to have one too!

The flowers/ferns are so pretty! It's time for me to get some too!

And...don't worry...I'll investigate the mossy letter idea! I'm on it!

JB said...

Hey your house looks so wonderful and full of spring!!! Good job, loves you.