Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Never ending patio project

Last year after we built our patio, we ran out of money steam to continue the little walkway to the fence/front yard.  We decided we'd wait a month or two and then dig it out, shovel gravel, and finish off the project.

Yeah, so a year and two months later we decided, "Uh, maybe we should really do something with that walk way."  May or may not have been because my grandparents are coming this weekend and I wanted everything to be perfect...

So after a grueling boot camp class Friday morning, a body attack class early Saturday morning, I thought, "Why the hell not dig out the walk way and shovel almost a ton of rock and dirt?"  You know-my arms didn't feel like wet noodles and my quads like concrete already...

I soon found out that digging in the clay is not really the easiest thing to do, so Chad took over the digging and I took over disposing the grass/dirt in the wheelbarrow.  Not so sure that was easier..After about two or three hours we were done.  Both literally and figuratively. 

The walkway monkey digging out
Yes he's stubborn and won't put on tennis shoes, even though I tell him he should.  He's a flip flop kind of guy
Look at that dead sod!
My job-the wheelbarrow monkey
All dug out and just screaming for some plantation mix
Plantation mix just begging to be shoveled!
So my plans are to perhaps line the red stones with some sweet grass or even some type of low shrubs.  We'll see-maybe next month or next year!!!

Next week we are getting palm trees on the front of the house.  I can't WAIT.  It's going to look great and I'll be sure to blog on it.  I have lots of plans for the front of the house.  We are accepting donations.  :)

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Rachel Chieppa said...

Oh, great job, you two! I'm quite impressed...and, even in flip flops! You accomplished quite a bit between the exercise classes and the walkway.

I can't wait to see the palm trees. How cool is that to be able to have those in your yard?!? :)