Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New project

We purchased this great "old" looking new piece of furniture from Home Goods-score for $150. 

This puppy is going into the 1/2 bathroom downstairs with a copper vessel sink on top-similar to this look (I am using a decorative bowl for the demonstration)

So sure-the project could stop right there, but that wouldn't be a Hammond project now would it?  We thought about possibly painting the back wall with a suede paint look and then repainting the remaining walls a blue color, but I wasn't sold on it.  I really wanted something different (wait for it!)
Option one-nahhhh-Just wasn't doing it for me. 

I had seen these great tiles at Lowe's and just knew that either one would look awesome on that back wall (with surrounding walls painted that pretty blue color)  So now I am trying to decide which tiles I like better.  I am leaning towards one, but which would you pick?


Rachel Chieppa said...

We vote the big tiles! But...how big is the bathroom? That might make a diff.

MSHammond said...

It's tiny. Just a half bath. :) I can't wait to start-eh-watch chad do this project!!! :)