Monday, July 25, 2011

Small Steps

We've been busy with work and also my parents being in town, so we didn't make much progress in the bathroom.  (And by we, I mean Chad b/c there's not much I can do on this project other than interject my much "appreciated" opinion)

My parents had their own little mini vacation at The Sanctuary from Wednesday to Friday and then they slummed it  stayed with us for Saturday night.  Here's a couple of cute pictures:

KSB is not gonna be happy her pic in a bathing suit is on the internet!!

And this weekend I may of gone back and forth on whether or not I actually wanted to spend any money on the downstairs half bath.  But after telling Chad to load up his truck and return the tile, I told him to unload the truck, I wanted to keep the tile.  I might have gotten a big "EFF YOU" look from the hubby.  OOPS.  :)  Good thing he loves me.

So we  Chad started the bathroom tonight and so far it looks great.  I decided to keep the color we painted it two years ago and just add the tile and the vessell sink/vanity.  I love it so far.  Hammond does good work dontcha think? 

Chad's still working on the vanity.  We are missing the drawer in this pic...Slacker... hahaha

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JCHokie said...

Chad's making great progress. I love how the tile looks in the half bath already. Love your basin sink, too cool. Does Chad contract out his services? ;)