Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life is what you make of it

This weekend I finally brought myself to a point where I learned that no matter how hard you want something in life, you don't always get your way.  That I have to open my heart to something bigger and better and trust that God has my life planned out.  Now I am not going to say that my journey from here on out is going to be an easy one, but I'm going to try and and build my faith back up and put it in His hands. 

I signed the hotel and two of our great vendors up to be a part of something really great, The LowCountry Orphan Foundation's first annual auction.  Each company set up an amazing tablescape with its own theme and then people paid to walk through the ballroom, bid on auction items and enjoy the beautiful table settings.  It felt nice to be part of something so good.  (And I tried hard to get these pictures to go the right way, but they won't...sorry)

Sanctuary-Theme-Beach wedding

Love these chair covers

Close up of our tablescape

This was from a local candy store-beautiful huh?

Saturday morning was spent reflecting on where I have been this year and where I want to go.  After having a few moments, I pulled myself together, and did a little retail therapy.  Then I met my buddy Russo and we both went to church together for the first time in a long time.  (Not proud to say that, but you have to start somewhere right?)   After church, Hammond and I went to Zen and had some YUMMO sushi and of course, my favorite, a Honey Mango Mojito. 

Sunday was a great day with Hammond.  We went and walked the Cooper River Bridge which is always beautiful, walked down to waterfront park and hung out on the bench over looking the river for a while.  It was so pretty and just a perfect moment.  The sweetgrass (one of my favorite plants down here) was in full bloom.  I loved it.

Since we were over at Mt. Pleasant, we hopped over to the new Trader Joe's to see what all the hype was about.  It was P-A-C-K-D but a neat store though.  I'd like to go back when it isn't swamped with people.  I picked up a few things including this delish goat cheese with blueberries.  Hello goodnes!!

We came home and decided that we needed to pull out our spring/summer flowers that were barely hanging on and plant some fall flowers. 

There isn't much at Home Depot/Lowes that say "Stick me in the shade in your terrible clay soil and I shall bloom" so we went with full sun panseys and some cabbage.  I sure hope these little cuties do ok. 

Our "helpers"
Now I am happily in my pj's waiting on my amazing husband to finish dinner.  Grilled salmon with shitake mushrooms and asparagus.  Might be my fav meal to date.  And of course a nice glass of vino to top it off. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend.   :)  


JCHokie said...

I was having problems with posting pictures on blogger too over the weekend. Odd. LOVE the flowers you all planted, adds so much color. Jealous that you get to do that in November! Love you lots.

Rachel Chieppa said...

What a lovely post! How awesome to be a part of something so good!

Sometimes we all have to take time to reflect and get ourselves pointed in the right direction. God will take you in even when it's been a while. Don't forget that!

Sending love your way!