Thursday, February 2, 2012

Detox-Day 1 & 2

Detox....where shall I begin?  I really should have done a few posts about detox already, but I'll try and cram this all into one post, broken down into segments.

Grocery Shopping:
Holy balls Batman.  I had a cart load of stuff and only went down three aisles.  That would be the produce aisle, the spice aisle and the frozen veggie/fruit section.  I put things into my cart that I never even looked at or heard.  (Delicata squash anyone?)   I called Hammond on the way home and told him I was stopping at the grocery store, that he better have one hell of a "last supper with wine" waiting on me when I got home.  Over an hour later I get a phone call, "Where are you?" to which I replied "Um....still at the grocery store, what the hell is cardamom??" 

That same night I made beet soup, butternut squash soup with apples, and fruit/nut balls (my "snack"-YUMMMMM)  Needless to say this HOKIE was exhausted.  Seriously, I fell on my knees next to Chad on the couch and told him how much I loved him and thanked him for always making my dinner EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. for the last 10 years.    I think he was thinking I'd thank him in other ways that night, but again-I was pooped.    Sorry babe!

D-Day  Day One:
Breakfast-fruit smoothie with apple juice and water.  Not bad, the frozen fruits had too many seeds, so that was a little gross.  I'll adjust the next smoothie with maybe just strawberries and no blackberries.  Those seeds hurt!

Hope and I both made the butternut squash soup from the same recipe for lunch, but we learned when you make soup and forget a few of the key ingredients (not mentioning names here Hope) your soups turn out quite different.   Our lunch bunch crew at work both gave us two thumbs up-they sampled our soups.

I was fine until about two pm.  I wanted bad food in the worst way.  Case in point-I don't really eat beef and anytime anyone has a burger for lunch, I think "YUCK"  well damn if I didn't want to steal my girlfriend's hamburger and sneak into the pastry kitchen and scarf some cookies into my pie hole.  This detox is 90% mind f**king-you have to get past that and then it isn't so bad.

For dinner I was supposed to do the beet soup, but I was so over all the liquids I wanted to gag at the sight of the soup.  I ended up eating a cucumber and an apple. 

Day Two:
Day two has gone MUCH better.  Smoothie for b'fast, some mixed nuts as a snack, avocado with cilantro and garlic for lunch, and yummo cauliflower and roasted red peppers for dinner.  (I still am craving a dessert-and an apple ain't it)

So far I have clogged the sink two times in which Chad has annoyingly asked me wtf I put down the disposal.   Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but pretty sure we'll need a plumber at some point in this detox.  Chaching, chaching, chaching. 

Here are some of the pictures from Days 1 & 2 so far.  Enjoy!

My last sip or shall I say bottle of alcohol prior to detox day 1
And yes, I am well aware I am in my PJ's.   I had a lot of cooking to do....Might as well be comfy 
Kitchen disaster...worse than when Hammond cooks

Where is my maid??

Fruit/nut balls.  Good snacks.  Got me through Day 1

Butternut Squash & Apple Soup

GAG-The beet soup.  Ugh....haven't tried it and it makes me want to barf.

Candace trying a seaweed snack-looks yummy right???

Day 2 Dinner.  Very tasty.  I'll cut back on the EVOO next time...

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Rachel Chieppa said...

Looks good! I am so proud of you for exploring the grocery store. I know what you mean about stuff you can't pronounce and never heard of before. I use Google a lot these days.

The fruit and nut balls were delicious, but they fell apart on me.

I think I'll be trying to make them into a bar form at some point maybe!