Sunday, May 13, 2012


A week ago Thursday, we put down our best friend, Cooper.  Words can't even begin to describe how sad we are.  We have never known each other without our dogs as Cooper was with Chad and Savannah with me when we first met and started dating.   Our family was formed in that instant and it has always been the four of us. 

Our dogs are ultimately what bonded us and brought us together.  If it wasn't for Cooper and Savannah, we may never have ended up dating, marrying and loving each other.  Our first quality time together (outside of work) was with our dogs on Folly Beach.  Those two dogs played and played and played together while Chad and I walked and talked together.  One of my funniest memories was running down the beach, being "chased" by Cooper and I ran through what I thought was just a small puddle of water.  Well that puddle turned out to be a huge drop off and both me and the dog fell into the water "puddle" which was up past my knees.  I think Cooper knew right then and there I wasn't really an outdoor kind of woman.  And I know my future husband was laughing his butt off at that moment.  I never have been really graceful!

Cooper has always been and will always be Chad's best friend.  I knew Cooper was Chad's number one and I was always ok with that.  Even though you are gone buddy, you will always be your Dad's number one.   You were my number one big dog and your sister's number one brother. 

You loved the beach-like no other dog I have ever seen.  As soon as you saw the ocean, your face lit up into a smile and you ran-full force-for the waves.  You loved laying down in the waves and letting them crash over you.  I think you did it partly because you knew I was going to have a wet smelly dog in the car with me on the ride home.  And secretly you knew that it drove me crazy that it would take you HOURS to dry off with all that fur and you loved the fact that I was annoyed by wet dog!  :)

As much as your dad and I are going to miss you Cooper, your sister, Savannah, is going to miss her best friend.  I can only imagine the trouble you two got into when we weren't around.  Or the trouble you kept Savannah out of when we weren't home.  I'll always remember you holding her down with one paw when she was in her crazy jack russell early years as she drove you crazy running circles around you.  And you oh so casually would take your big old paw and "WHAP" hold her down until she calmed down.   She had you as her big brother.  She knew that she could start a barking fight with another dog and you'd always be there to back her up.  She's a lot more quiet these days buddy.  She misses you...

Cooper, thank you for being the worlds best dog.  You were a friend and companion to all of us.  You were there for the best times and you licked my tears away in the worst times.  I'll never have a dog again that would lay down his life for me or Chad they way you would.  You gave us so much love and happiness Cooper Hammond and my heart will always have a spot in it just for you.  You made our family complete Cooper and we all miss you.

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