Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

I have a pretty incredible husband.  ( I may have mentioned that a few times on this blog)  He's incredibly thoughtful and at times as though it may seem that he doesn't listen, he most certainly is.  He hears little things I say and saves them for later.  Surprising me I guess.  (I've learned if I really want something from him-don't ask him for it.  He'll surprise me with it on his own time) 

Anyhoo...for my 33rd bday he took me up to The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA.  We drove 1/2 way and stayed at a surprisingly nice Fairfield Suites.  I've got to say it was really nice (and this is coming from a total hotel snob-yes I will admit to that).  The next morning we got up early and drove to my favorite place-BLACKSBURG, VA.  (GO HOKIES!) 

We toured around campus:

We stopped off at my favorite lunch spot "Macados"

Then we hit the campus store across the street. I had to get my shirts, a 2013 calendar and some car magnets for this year's football games.  (However, HOKIES-WTF happened against Pittsburgh??!!)  There were some odd items in such as this hat in the store:

What I love about my birthday, is Chad will do just about anything for me.  Including pretending to like the Hokie Bird!  You'd almost think he was a HOKIE.  Almost...

But this is the TRUE HOKIE in the family!

After that fun shopping trip, we headed up to The Homestead.  I've got to admit, I was a little teary eyed leaving VT.  Which is ironic-while in college I'd be teary eyed leaving home to go to school.  Now I'm teary eyed leaving school to go home or to continue on to vacation.  Guess you never realize how good you have it until it is gone.   (That's not to say I don't have it good now-b/c I do-but college was an experience everyone should have!  It just goes by so quick!)

My next post will be on The Homestead!  

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Rachel Chieppa said...

Happy Birthday!! Wow! These pics bring back memories! Remember when we lived right by Macados? WOW! That dip is still awesome looking!