Monday, November 8, 2010

House Divided

Let me first start off by saying that the likelihood of this happening is like a snowball surviving in hell.......but......
If by some freak of nature Clemson pulls out a win next weekend, VT wins its game and Maryland loses, the Hammonds might be headed toward divorce the ACC Championship.

So everyone, pray to the football gods that this happens.  I'd love to have another showdown between the HOKIES and the TIGERS.  And yes, I'd be outnumbered by most of Chad's friends, but I am sure I could find some of my college friends who would travel to Charlotte.  (AHEM-JEN CHEN & RACHEL CHIEPPA)  Something tells me that this kid would be there too-only dressed in HOKIE garb and not Clemson Tiger gear.


Rachel Chieppa said...

Go Hokies!!!!!!!

JB said...

That is so Andy right there!