Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

My dear college roommate Rachel has a great blog on which she blogs on "Thankful Thursdays."  It got me thinking, "What am I thankful for?"  So since this is November and the day of giving thanks takes place soon, I thought, "Each Thursday I will say a few things of what I am thankful for."   So thanks, Rachel/Angelica/Queenie for the idea...Hope you don't mind me blogging on it.  (See Rachel's great blogsite here:

Today I am thankful for:
A loving husband, who puts up with all my b/s, crazy ideas, and my strong type A personality.   He really a sweet guy-what the heck is he doing with me?

My parents-they are always there for me no matter what.  If I called them tonight and said I needed them-they'd jump in the car and drive the 6 hours (well 8 if my dad is driving) without asking why.

My "little" brother, Andy.  He's a fun guy and loves me even though I haven't liked any of his girlfriends in the past.  (Current girlfriend is the exception)  I always tell him how he should live his life, what he should and shouldn't do, and how to better manage his money.  And even though I am overbearing, he continues to call.  I guess he does love me.  :) 
And lastly, (for this week) I am thankful for my two wonderful puppies.  Who would have ever thought that a Jack Russell Terrier and a yellow Lab would be best friends.  I guess it has something to do with one being a type A and one being a laid back doggie.  Guess they are identical to their owners.  :)  Love you Savannah & Cooper.

So on this first Thursday of November, what are four things you are thankful for?


JCHokie said...

Love this post! =)

Rachel Chieppa said...

I'm tearing up! This was such a sweet post! I miss you, Mis!

I'm thankful for:
1. My college roommate, Mis!
2. Another day to spend with those I love.
3. blogging...because it's given me the chance to connect with my you!
4. Sunshine after the rainy Thursday we've had!