Sunday, March 6, 2011

A weekend in the mountains

We took off on Friday for a weekend on Lake Keowee in the upstate of South Carolina.  One packed SUV with two dogs, dog necessities, 3 phones, 1 IPAD, one laptop, 2 IPODS, 1 Kindle, and 1 happily packed Clarisonic and we were off and ready.  (We seriously have a technology issue and are currently  searching for a therapist)  Oh and did I mention the most important part?  Two tickets to the Virginia Tech vs. Clemson basketball game.  Yeah, so the Hokies didn't really show up for the game and unfortunately, Chad's team won.  But it was so much fun to be back in a college setting-even if it wasn't MY college.  It was fun seeing where Hammond went to school. 

I was dressed appropriately as a HOKIE-that did get me some looks....especially after we got our asses kicked, lost the game.

We had a great time on Friday exploring a water fall not too far from where we were staying on the lake.  We made it up there right as it started to rain.  And let me say that it never stopped raining after Friday evening.  The whole weekend was a wash out.  But fun nonetheless.

After our walk to the falls, we played Savannah's favorite game-STICK.  That dog is one crazy puppy for a stick.  (Cooper loves a good tennis ball)  Here are some of my action shots:

Yes, that would be Savannah dragging next to Cooper hanging on for life onto that poor stick

She's not as homicial as she appears to be....
Thanks Chad for an awesome weekend up at Clemson.  Yes, it rained the WHOLE time we were there, but it was fun to get away and spend time with you and my two favorite dogs.  Love you.

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Rachel Chieppa said...

Oh, what beautiful pictures!!! Looks like you guys had so much fun! The waterfall was gorgeous!! Those dogs are so funny! And...Go HOKIES!!!! We'll get 'em next time!