Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday decorating

This weekend went by really quickly.  We both had back to back turns at two of our three houses-so Saturday was spent on the island.  Saturday evening we had friends over for a little cook out and I will NEVER AGAIN EAT ANOTHER BURGER FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE.  There I put it out there in blog space.  I have never been so violently ill after eating as I was Saturday night.  (I'll spare you the details-but it wasn't purdy at all)

Sunday I wasn't feeling 100% so I took the morning slowly and then finally worked up enough energy to leave the house.  Chad's brother had our boat (which was good b/c I was in no mood to be in the heat) so we went shopping.  I had been wanting to put up some random pictures that I have take over the years, so we made a quick trip up to Michael's.  I snagged a bunch of frames at 50% off and came home to start printing pictures. 

Here's our stairway landing before:
Pretty lame huh?  So we added a series of pictures to help liven it up:

I really love how it all turned out.  Next up is adding pictures on either side of my mirror and above my dresser in my master bedroom.  (It's pretty vanilla in my bedroom-why do I fix up all the other rooms except my own??-weird)

Yeah, that's right.  My bed is totally unmade.  I told you I didn't feel well!!  So three pictures are going to be on either side of the mirror.  I haven't figured out what configuration, but I have printed some cute pics of me and Hammond.

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Rachel Chieppa said...

Love the addition to your stairwell. I'm like you...I always focus on the other rooms, but not the bedroom. I guess I figure it's best to focus on the rooms others see the most. Let us see what you come up with!