Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brought to you by the Letter "H"

I may or may not have dropped a pretty big hint a while back to Dirt Diva (who by the way has amazing stuff on her site-you should check it out.  ) about a cool moss letter.  (Hint found HERE)  I honestly (and yes I mean honestly) did not expect her to make me one, but being that she's as sweet as they get, she made me one!  WOO to the HOO people!!  (Check out her blog on it Mossy "H")

I was like a kid on Christmas waiting for Santa the mailman to drop it off on our front porch.  The day it did arrive, I didn't get home from work until late, so I had to wait until the next day to open it.  Silly me waited until AFTER I had cleaned the house and proceeded to watch Chad open it in the kitchen.  Yep, had to run the sweeper again-super clean kitchen after getting cleaned 2X.

Dirt Diva did such an awesome job making this and even enlisted her man to help with the packaging!  Now that's a team if I do say so myself!  The box even came with instructions!

However, my favorite part of the box was this:

Told ya she was sweet!
Dirt Diva had an incredible bow on the H but for whatever reason Chad & I couldn't figure out how to make it work on the door.  (I lack total creativity)  So we sniped the bow (Sorry Dirt Diva) and hung it on the front door.  We love it way more than the flower we originally had and all of my neighbors are super jealous of it.  Score one for the Hammonds!!! 

Thanks girl!  You really made my week.  I'm not creative but I have awesome hookups at a pretty cool resort, so if I can ever create an unbelievable vacation for you, you call me. 
Ps-seriously ya'll need to check out her site-she even hand makes greeting cards-now how cool is that????


Rachel Chieppa said...

You're way too complimentary, but thanks!!! I'm SUPER glad you both liked it. It does look fabulous on your door!!! Sorry about the mess on the floor! And, sorry it took so long to get there. I'll try not to address future presents improperly :)

JCHokie said...

You are one lucky girl! It looks awesome on your front door and I've said this many times but I LOVE your porch!!!