Monday, August 1, 2011

"B" Room udates

As in "bathroom" and "bedroom"........

First up in the "B" room update is our downstairs half bath.  We Chad finished up the bathroom on Sunday morning.  (Right after working 14 hours on day 6 of our work week-who said the weekend was for relaxing?)  I love love love how it turned out and am glad we went with the slightly more expensive tile.  It was in the end exactly what I had envisioned.

We also purchased new curtains for our master bedroom.  The small office off of our bedroom didn't have curtains and I wasn't sure I wanted them, but it seemed like all of the outside sound came through that room.  Chad thought if we added some curtains, it might help drown out that noise from outside.  (Our bedroom is up front so we hear everything)  I wanted to add some color to the room as our walls and old curtains were similar in color.  I pulled the blue from some of the decorative pillows on the bed and Chad helped find blackout curtains from JCPenney's.  They really do have good deals on curtains by the way.  We added new decorative rods too and it really changed the look of the room.  Oh and notice the pictures up around the side of my dresser.  I blogged about that a week or so ago but never posted pics. 

You can sort of see the old, caramel colored drapes on the left

Now if I could just figure out a way to nag talk Chad into shutters.  HELLO HAMMMOND-DO YOU LOOK AT THIS BLOG??  :)  Love you!! 

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Rachel Chieppa said...

Oh, wow! Two beautiful rooms!!! Chad did a fantastic job! Don't you just love these "projects"? It's so much fun working as a team to get things done! Great work you two!