Saturday, September 17, 2011


Back to my birthday in Bluffton (get it my little jokey from my title-Bluffton-Bluff-fun)  I'm such a jokster..Anyhoo...

I booked us a Daufuskie Island boat tour on the morning of my birthday.  It was so much fun.  The resort isn't there anymore as it went through bankruptcy, but apparently it looks like the shining now.  They basically boarded it up and walked away.  So imagine an old gorgeous mansion not kept up for two plus years.  Spooky...  So we boarded a great boat from the Inn at Palmetto Bluff and took a nice slow boat ride over to Daufuskie.  What was totally worth the trip was that we got to experience dolphin strand feeding.  They only do this from Charleston to Savannah and it isn't an experience that is caught on film very often.   Basically the dolphin team up and circle around the fish and then one dolphin basically blows the fish up onto the beach, beaching themselves at the same time.  They only do this on their right side, and they push the fish up, eat them and wiggle themselves back down into the water.  It happens so fast and it is so amazing to see it.  What smart animals they are.

After that excitement, we pulled up to the backside of Daufuskie and boarded a golf cart.  Our guide gave us a tour of the island we got to see sites such as the first integrated school on the island, the old black community church, and then we got to go to residences where people sell their goods on their porch.  There was an ironmaker but his stuff was a little out of my price range and a pottery lady.  Her husband has sailed around the world three times in this old boat.  He wrote a pretty cool book about it too.  I did end up buying a fish plate that is currently residing on my kitchen counter-it fits right in with my kitchen colors and looks really cool!

We stopped off at a home where you can purchase these delish deviled crabs and sit at the picnic tables in their yards and chow down.  The gentleman was so nice, tellling us about living on the island (His family has lived there for many generations) and basically he just welcomed us to his property.  It was a lot of fun!  You are definately tucked away and sort of sheltered from the real world on this island.  It seems like the perfect place to go if you want to disappear from the world.  There isn't even a grocery store on the island.  You have to hop over to Hilton Head-kind of crazy huh??  I bet life is stress free though!

After the boat trip, we came back to the island, had a yummy lunch at Buffalo's and then went back to our cottage, went for a little bike ride and then plopped ourselves in the back yard and just relaxed until dinner time.  It was an overall awesome day. 

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JCHokie said...

What an amazing place to spend your birthday! Looks beautiful and love your dolphin experience, that must have been awesome!