Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little fall fun

Is it just me or is fall the most amazing season of the year?  I heart fall....seriously...I do.  The ONLY thing I don't like about fall in Chucktown is that there is no leaf color change.  I guess palm trees don't want to shed their fronds and display magnificient colors. 

Chad was off to another Clemson football game this Saturday, so I decided to set out some fall decor.  My girfriend Russo and I ran over to Pier 1 as I had a gift card to burn (thanks to my M-I-L) and I found the cutest turkey!  Sooooo had to own this cute guy!

Of course they had all the gorgeous place settings that were screaming "BUY ME BUY ME" but I held back.  I didn't want to spend the entire gift card in one spree.  But it got me thinking, what the heck else have I bought over the years fall like?  I came home and started diggin' through my drawers.  I found my HOKIE inspired place mats from Crate & Barrel, a cute little pumpkin from my Grandma, a fall inspired candle holder from Mom, my tablescape from last year and a little fun thing from Michael's.  I set all that out and suddenly it feels a little more fall like around here.  Now, I am NO Martha Stewart, but I think it looks cute.  (Again, not mind blowing, but that's what year round Christmas reindeer are for!) 

My mail organizer isn't so organized is it?

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