Monday, October 3, 2011

Crushed by the tigers

So the Clemson Tiger's totally kicked my Hokies' arse this past weekend.  It seriously was painful.  (Probably because we were in the Clemson section-won't make that mistake again.  Next time we play CU at Lane Stadium, I'll be buying the tickets)  And here I thought the rainbow was a "good omen."

We started tailgating at 6:45 AM and yeah, I know, the game wasn't until 6pm.  But you know what, the day went by really quickly.  There were only two parts I hated-Losing and then the LONG ride back to the hotel. 

The sun wasn't even awake yet!

Tailgating bagels

Bacon at 7:30 am on the grill!  Thanks Shawn

However, I had the most amazing time re-connecting with some of my college girlfriends and meeting their men.  And of course I always love seeing my JCHOKIE and her "TWO"  I love that girl to pieces...

Two is such a great guy for JCHOKIE

I also got to hang out with my "little brother" and his fiance, Michelle.  What a great time we all had.

Chad was good to me and didn't rub it in my face too badly that Clemson won.  Probably a good thing for him seeing as our 7 year anniversary was the next day.

This clan was happy!  And I guess so with a score of 23-4.  Way to go Clemson.  The Hokies won't let that happen again....


Rachel Chieppa said...

oh, the pics bring back so many memories! what fun it looks like y'all had!

JCHokie said...

Love you so much! Had an awesome time being back on campus and catching up w/ you!