Saturday, October 22, 2011

A great two days....

The weekend isn't over yet, but I've had a really nice day and a half so far.  Friday night I went to a fundraiser for my girlfriend's charity, The Spokes Group, and if you are looking for an amazing way to give this holiday, season, you should check it out.  For $70 one underpriveledged child gets a new bike and a helmet.  How cool is that?  Their fundraiser had a halloween theme to it, but I didn't feel like getting dressed up.  So I went as myself-a stick in the mud.  :)  Hope was going for a retro look in her purple get up and Caroline was Rachel Zoe. Cute huh!

My girlfriend brought her little girl to the event and she was the hit of the party.  Dancing away to the band was Amanda, the Pirate Princess.  She picked out her outfit...too funny.  This baby loves to dance and I love her!

Saturday I went out to Kiawah for two check outs.  This one guest left so much wine behind, so lucky me!  My wine rack is now stacked to the gills. Never have seen my wine rack full.  How long will that last? 

After the check outs, I grabbed a bike and went for a lovely bike ride.  Kiawah is so beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a prettier day.

Back at home, my girlfriend and I went and got pedicures at Lavish Nails and then dinner at a new place in West Ashley called LaFontana.   I really felt like I was transported to Italy.  Even the waiters were Italian and had names like "Roberto" and some of them were pretty smokin' hot.   Maybe I had too much wine??

Tonight Russo and I are going downtown to Theatre 99 to see my buddy Derek perform at his stand up act, Friends with Benefits.  Should be an awesome time.

Oh and I meant to share some pictures of my pumpkins.  I went to Rosebank Farms looking for two cute pumpkins.  I came home with a cool, spooky pumpkin covered in pumpkin warts and a pretty green and light orange pumpkin.  Instead of putting them outside where I'd never see them, they are inside in front of my fire place...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! XOXOX

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Rachel Chieppa said...

Fun! Fun!!! Love the pirate! And, lovely beach views! Any cool shells?