Sunday, October 30, 2011

Interior Updates

This weekend found the two of us doing some little home updates.  (No, unfortunately no shutters-darn it)  I came downstairs on Saturday morning to find that Chad had emptied the liquor cabinet and was installing some type of lighting inside.  (When he's bored, he finds fun projects....not sure this was on "the list" of projects, but he enjoyed it.)

Somewhat of a before shot-he had cleared out most by the time I got up
Building the shelves...yes our garage is a disaster
The big hole is the back is when we had a giant, tube TV in there-remember tube tv's?  So once he got all the lights put in there and the bottles nicely stacked, we thought, hmmm....what if we put some fabric all around it?  That might look pretty cool.....

Does this make you say, "Brown chicken, brown cow?"
So off we went to the fabric store to find some type of fun fabric for the back.  Chad wanted some type of velvet, I talked him into a faux leather, with just a slight pattern.  For about $25 we got 4 yards of fabric and went to work. 

We also wrapped the shelf that the wine glasses hang and sit on, thus making it look like the shelf that Chad built. 

It is fun, because the armoire is usually shut, but when we have people over, we can open the doors and this fun little project comes to life.  One of those funny, unexpected touches I guess.  Of course after building the shelf, we had to go to the liquor store to make sure we were adequately stocked.  My guess is we'll never blow through the liquor, but it sure is fun to have a mini ABC store in your that off with all the bottles of wine we have and we look like we should be enrolled in our local AA class.  "Hello, My name is Melissa and I love wine.....Hello Melissa"

Sunday we decided to update the great little nook/office/reading room in our bedroom.  It has been neglected and ends up just holding our junk.   Like a skirt I've been needing to get hemmed for oh, about 2 years, a ridiculous amount of paper I need to shred, just don't feel like shredding it, etc....So we pulled out the big ugly black desk chair (which I didn't get a picture of) and replaced it with this great dining chair from World Market.  I also found this great upholstered chair at WM and grabbed that as the colors all went together.  (I wanted one all over colored chair and a fun print-score!)  And I finally grabbed this awesome capiz shell pendant that I've been eyeing for about 10 months.  LOVE!  And yes, the skirt is still on the desk waiting for the tailor.....

A sort of before....boxes of chairs
That's it for the weekend interior updates.......I just want to find a small, upholstered cube/ottoman to keep in the corner next to the chair, but pull out to plop my feet on when reading upstairs.....let me know if you find any fun ones!

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JCHokie said...

I love the lights in the cabinet, how fun! And is that a pic of us on your side table that I spy? I'm so honored! I have one of us from VT in our family room too! ;)

LOVE the patterned chair and your new light. So jealous you have a cute space like that in your Master. I would never leave!