Saturday, December 17, 2011


Yeah, I might have stuttered when I heard that Hammond was going to build me
S-H-U-T-T-E-R-S.  Say what?  Did I drop enough hints that he finally figured out how much I was DYING for him to build them for me?  Did I hint enough that shutters would make our house look pretty F-L-Y???? (As seen HERE)  Or was he just sick and tired of me always mentioning it was the project he would never do?  Whatever the case my nagging desire for shutters is being fullfilled as we speak peeps!

Here are a few sneak peak pictures.  While he's outside slaving away, I'm nice and warm in the house with my feet propped up dreaming about my house....(Yes, he got the short end of the stick in this marriage!)

This is the first shutter-still needs primed and painted

I'm sure he's wishing it was a beer in his hand and not a water

And b/c I am me, his shirt made me laugh...tuna fishing-really???
No shutter
What it will look like (minus black paint)
I'll try and be a better blogger and keep this updated with progress.  I'm so excited!!!  Merry Christmas to ME!

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Rachel Chieppa said...

Oh,how exciting!!!! They are going to be perfect. But...what a lot of work!!! Wow!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!