Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Pretty sure the point of shopping at Christmas is for others.  But thanks to JCHOKIE I got a coupon for Banana Republic Outlet and thought I'd pop up there for a new pair of jeans few Christmas gifts.  I came home with no jeans gifts for others, but I did get some items for me....selfish much?  Maybe- deserving-sure why not.  (I can give any excuse to clothes shop-it is for WORK people!!)  Ask me to go out for a fun night on the town-I can't find anything cute to wear.  Ask me to dress for work-easy peasy.

Ok, so not so sure this goes together-but you tell me.  I'm  not great with colors that aren't matchy matchy and I know matchy matchy isn't HELP
Basically it is gray with some mustard yellow and black.  I thought if I paired it up with gray pants (below) it would be pretty with a pop of pink?  Or do I have this all wrong?
I found a cute basic black shirt that I paired up with a necklace that I already owned and thought that was a staple piece (hence my excuse to buy it)

And then two cute shirts-one sweater paired up with a great Stella & Dot necklace and a navy blue shirt I thought I could wear to work or with jeans and maybe that pink sweater above-thoughts???

Here is everything put together..

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