Saturday, January 7, 2012

House Anniversary

Four years ago today we moved from our cute house on John's Island to our current  house in Charleston.  I thought it might be fun to document what some of the changes have been over the last 4 years to the new house.  (At least things I have pictures of)

Our first house
New house-Move in day!

New House-move in day!

We built a fence for the puppies

And painted the fence black
We put in a brick path instead of a dirt path
Do you see the dirt path-no b/c it wasn't special

We went from a slab patio to an elevated patio with a garden edge

I can't find a "before" shot of the patio but you can see how small it was

I'll have to take an updated picture-it is much more lush now
And we have more furniture. 
We added palm trees

And then spruced up the walk way to the front of the house:
Here's a before:

Drumroll please...drum drum drum drum:
Thank you Chad!  You are the best husband!  Now I'm off to think about my newest "honey-do" project for you.  Aren't you the luckiest guy ever to have such a thoughtful wife like me.  XOXO

(I'm sure he loved having me watch him from each window and snapping his picture)


JCHokie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE how your shutters turned out! I cannot believe Chad did that all by himself, seriously, that's amazing! Also loving your new blog background, so cute!

Rachel Chieppa said...

Happy House Anniversary!!! Love the recap!! And, the shutters look amazing!!! Great job, Chad! You did all those in less than a month!?!? WOW!

I love the new blog look too!