Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Spending

I guess it is a good thing Hammond and I work our arses off during tourist season, because we sure do know how to spend money in the winter.  You see Charleston is such an outdor area, that when the weather cools off and there is no beach or boating going on, we spend spend of these years we'll run out of projects and start saving!  (ha-I'm kidding...on the stop spending part!)  Seriously-once we run out of projects in this house, what the heck are we going to do?  Stare at each other?

Back to our weekend spending-Hammond decided to give the guest bathroom a little mini makeover around the holidays.  He was thinking he'd just install a new granite vanity top he found on sale at Lowes.  That sounded simple enough, but when he pulled it out, he marked up the walls.   Which led to painting which led to "IF we are going to paint, we might as well do crown molding." And that led to "Gee that light fixture is UGLY" and "Can you frame out the window?"  You see where this is going right???  Cha-ching-cha-ching...(My most favorite sound in the world)

So here are some before shots of the old guest bathroom:  (Why are these pictures sideways???)

Once the granite top got installed:

And you know I wanted a good excuse to get a new mirror.....Enjoy the afters-sorry if you get neck strain from looking at these.  I can't get the pictures to rotate...annoying

And I saved money by just getting replacement glass fixtures for the light...see I can be thrifty!

Framed out window above shower

Hi Hammond!
But no weekend would be complete if we didn't do something to the outside of the house.  So enter new outdoor light fixtures.  Ours were just the builder grade, run of the mill fixtures.  We really wanted copper light fixtures but got a dose of reality when we saw how much those at Charleston Light Company we found these really cool lights that had a hint of our house color in them-SOLD

Old fixtures:

New Fixtures:

So that's basically our weekend wrap up.  I just love house projects!  Go visit my girl JCHOKIE as she is re-painting her living room Restoration Hardware's "Silver Sage."  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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JCHokie said...

LOVE how your guest bath turned out! The new sink & mirro look great. And what an great idea on changing out the lights, I might have to copy your idea! The outdoor lights look great too, really goes well with the exterior of the house.

BTW, when you're done with your house project, just do what we do and re-do projects you've already done! ;)