Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday Recap

Our Christmas was very low key this year.  We had a few check ins with Cobblestone on Christmas Eve which made it feel very "un-holiday" like.  Nothing like working to blow your holiday....but, working is money and money is house projects!

After Christmas with Chad's parents and brother, we came home and just laid low with the pupps.  They had a fun Christmas of "puperonis" and gifts.

M.U.S.T. G.E.T. P.U.P.P.E.R.O.N.I
Tuesday we left for Pennsylvania to visit my family and stayed with my grandparents.  We had Christmas Day with my extended family and my Mom and Dad came up the next day which was great.  I put Chad to work installing a new faucet in my grandparents house which my Grandma just LOVED.  She said doing dishes is much more fun now-How doing dishes is fun is beyond me, but if she loves, it then GREAT! 

Anneka should really be my daughter!  She's a mini me with her attitude! (And I named her!)
Me, Grandpa Bender & Aunt Bonnie

My cousin Garett got married while we were up in PA so we attended their wedding.  My cousin Tara and Chad's kids were in the wedding.  They are so adorable-I love them to death!

Can't forget little Hannah!  She's a cutie pie!
Fun pictures:

 Chad would be sad if I didn't post this picture.  We walked to the top of my Grandma's hill and straddled the PA/Ohio line.  Anyone who knows Chad knows he is the biggest OHIO fan ever!  (NOT)  He was so excited to be in his fav state:
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year.  Here is to a great 2012~~

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Rachel Chieppa said...

Love the blog design! The pics were great! Wow! Your grandparents look great! What a fun time! Is it just me or do you really look like your Aunt Bonnie? Glad you're back safe!