Sunday, August 14, 2011


Wednesday and Thursday I was down in Atlanta for the 2011 PGA Championship.  Kiawah is hosting the 2012 and I am on one of the planning committees, so I was invited down to meet with my counterpart and take part in some of the festivities.  I am not sure what happened to my brain after walking in the front doors of the club, but I totally forgot to snap any pics of the golf course.  Maybe it was because I was having fun with my all access pass, or maybe b/c I was too darn hot.  Anyhoo-I did remember snap two pictures.  Not the best, but eh, whatever.

Sike-make that three pictures.  This was one side of the Media Center and it was pretty amazing.  I think we counted over 200 computer terminals.  An IT Director's worst nightmare I am sure.

Day two and I really didn't feel like going back to the tournament.  You had to take a bus from the hotel and busses make me gag, so my buddy and I went shopping in Atlanta.  "Official Business"  Yeah...something like that.   Is it still called playing hookey when you are 31 years old?

I toured my first "The Container Store" and by george that place is pretty amazing.  I had heard before that it was cool, but experiencing it first hand was pretty neat!  There is something in there for anytype of storage you could need.

Perhaps future inspiration for my super messy pantry?

A cracker box!!  What??????

A lot of GORGEOUS wrapping paper

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