Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricane Irene

It appears as though we have really lucked out this go around with Hurricane Irene (THANK GOD!), however, on Monday things weren't looking so good.  I went to Walmart (apparently I only go there when hell is freezing over a category 3 hurricane is coming) and went a little bonkers buying dry goods.  In the four years that we have lived in this house the pantry has hardly ever had food in it.  Now it is stocked with soup, mac and cheese and enough "hurricane essential" junk to choke a horse.  (I better start boot camp again)  Once I got home and realized that the pantry really was an unorganized mess, I deceided it was time to make that pantry more presentable.   I was on such a roll that I emptied out all of the old stuff in the refridge too.  Looks like I need to go to the grocery store and re-stock the fridge. 


After (Still needs some tweaking)

 Chad also decided that because a hurricane MIGHT be coming, he most certainly needed a blow torch.  Not sure exactly how those things go together, but it made him happy.  Boys.....
Does he not have the sly look of a 5 year old??!!
Watchout Hurricane Irene, you come to Charleston, Chad will scare you away with his....blow torch?

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