Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boot Camp

I am always looking for ways to change up my work out. For three years I have been working out at Gold's Gym. While I love the group classes (I am not one for the do it yourself treadmill or stair stepper) I must say that I am bored lately with the gym.

Bring on boot camp. For the month of September I attened Max Fitness Boot Camp on John's Island. Mike Romano was freaking awesome. He kicked our butt to a new level and left me thinking most days, "Did I actually work out for three years?" Sadly, Mike moved his family to New England to run a fab gym up there. That left me thinking, "Now what"

Let me introduce Fly Dog Boot Camp. These bitches work your OVER. Every M, W, F, Hope and I get to North Charleston at 6 frickin AM and get our butts worked out for an hour of intense cardio and weights.

I am curious to see how the month of October changes me. I already notice that I feel better and stronger. My time for the 300 was 21:30. Basically 10 exercises that are timed and you have to do 30 reps of each. Can I add there were three effing different types of push ups? Kill me!

I am a boot camp junkie. I love it, I can't wait for it. I enjoy being tortured. I need help.
PS-that's Krystin in the picture above with me & Mike. She's pretty bad ass too. :)

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