Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CO-Garden of the Gods

An amazing example of mother nature at her finest is Garden of the God's. Located just 15 minutes from The Broadmoor, I was excited to take Chad here for our first hike. Just enough hiking to keep him from wanting me to hike a mountain, and just enough "clean" outdoors for me to be able to stand it for the day.

I am not much of a hiker. Stick me on the well traveled path and I am a happy girl. You know-the kind with mile markers, exits, and other tourists. Chad-not so much. He enjoys the "path" you machete through, and find yourself lost. He enjoys finding the way back out. Me-uh yeah, I don't think so.

So enter Garden of the Gods. Amazing rock formations that kept him from realizing we were in a public park with young families, old people, fat people, skinny people, non-hikers. :) Perfect!

If you are ever in the Springs area, you must go to this place. No entry fee (which is uncommon in CO Springs) and just absolutely gorgeous. Great place to take your doggies too for a walk. Wish Savannah and Cooper could have traveled with us.

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