Friday, October 29, 2010

My 31st

So I turned 31 this year.  And I have to admit being 30 something isn't so bad.   At least I was on vacation.  That makes the sting hurt less.

All I wanted to do after a week of Chad dragging me all over creation in Colorado was to sit at the pool with a little drinky and relax.  And maybe also go for a horseback/jeep tour.  So after begging Chad to get on board with this plan, off I ran to the Concierge to book our jeep tour.

We had a really awesome tour guide and I must admit, going places in the off season is perfect!  We were on a tour that normally would have had 8 ppl on it, but b/c it was the off season, it was just me and Chad in our jeep.  We went up the mountain towards Cripple Creek and it was so cool to be on the dirt road with the switchbacks overlooking CO Springs.  Once we arrived at the stables, we saddles up and headed out.  Just our jeep tour guide (who was related to our horseback guide), me, Chad, our guide, his dog and the farms goats!  That was the cutest part!  The guide said the goats never go on "tour" with him, but the decided to tag along.  I think it is b/c Chad was petting them prior to getting on the horse.  I bet they never get any attention.  They were so adorable. 

After a really fun ride through the mountains, we headed back to the hotel for a much needed relaxation day for me.  Enter the malibu and pineapple drinks.....yum....Nothing. better. than. being. poolside.   (Especially at a 5 star resort!)

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Rachel Chieppa said...

oh, what a beautiful place! i'm so glad you got to go on your jeep tour!!!!