Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cooking with gas..

As in literally.....Hammond finally wore me down after four years in this house and in a moment of weakness I said, "FINE GO BUY THAT FRIGGIN STOVE!"  He loves to cook and I can't complain (other than my expanding waistline-but maybe that's the gelato I seem to shovel in...)  He's an excellent chef and apparently food will taste better on a new gas stove...All I know that after what we spent on a hood and stove, he better be making me breakfast, lunch and dinner!  :) 

We still have to vent the hood to the outside, so pictures aren't complete-but pretty where is that gelato...




That little pipe/piece above the hood will be covered here soon.  And instead of doing an inset above the stove with coordinating tiles, we decided to do wall art so we could change it out when needed.  The fork, spoon, knife is a little inside joke for us...anyone who used to watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" might get it!  :)

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JCHokie said...

I LOVE it, it looks awesome!!! Great job! Tim will be jealous of the gas stove, he's always wanted one too!