Monday, June 18, 2012

Today's wrap up

Today was a great day! Since I was MOD (manager on duty) at the hotel all weekend I took today off.

First my beloved car had to get her service done today so I was given this sweet little bitch of a ride. Can you scream "fun" any louder than this? (I begged Chad to let me buy this)

Then I went shopping for a dress for my mother in law with my future sister in law. I think we found her a dress which is great. I did find this fun little dress and had to try it on. Where I thought I'd wear it is beyond me. Something tells me this isn't work appropriate!

And my last stop was a jewelry store that I love. I'm trying to find a setting for this loose stone I have and I loved this setting  (Keep in mind this is wax and would be 14k white gold). That is my stone on top though. Doesn't that make for a pretty ring?  Now I just need to convince myself it is ok to spend money on me....


JCHokie said...

What a gorgeous stone! OMG, yes definitely spend the money to get it in a setting so you can start wearing it!

Rachel Chieppa said...

Is that my birthstone I see? Beautiful!!! It will be beautiful set! Go for it!