Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sea Urchins NOT GOOD

Day one of vacation found my recently accident prone husband kicking a sea urchin.  Yep, you read that right a F*CKING SEA URCHIN.  Let me show you what that looks like:

So what does one's foot look like after kicking said sea urchin?  (Keep in mind this is AFTER we tried to dig out the spines which all snapped as soon as we touched them)

99% of most people we asked said "GO TO THE HOSPITAL" but Chad decided to listen to the ONE person who said "heat and grease" who also tried to SELL him something after his said advice.  So needless to say that we did NOT go to the hospital.  (Even though CRISTEN begged him to go...and I think she would have paid for it too)  So sea urchin spines are still in my husband's foot...and we haven't had to amputate it-so score one for Chad?? (But the Sea Urchin is still score 5)

Chad decided to pound a couple more of our favorite drink of that day-a "killer bee"

and then proceed to go back to the house, soak his foot and drink and drink and drink to kill the pain....Here's how my night ended...

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Anonymous said...

Buy some high quality tweezers, small sewing needles and rubbing alcohol and dig them out as soon as you can while they are still on the surface. Some might work their way in deeper into joints and tendons and that will require surgery.
Thats what we do out here in California anyway.

Good luck