Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sailing Trip Nevis Style

We went on an awesome sailing trip while in Nevis that toured us around Nevis and St Kitts.  We got to see some awesome sites and a really cool snorkel area.  I had a total panic attack (which is normal for me) when I put on the snorkel goggles.  It freaks me out-not going to lie and the fact that I had to jump in the water instead of ease in-couldn't. 

Lucky for me Cristen couldn't snorkel this trip either so we floated around on noodles as Chad and Phil went snorkeling.  I actually think this might have been more fun!  Plus my hubby bought a "GO PRO" and wore it around-so now we have video footage of his snorkel trip.  Pretty cool-I got to float on a noodle and WATCH his snorkel trip.  Could I have been any more lazy on this trip?  "Please dahling...snorkel for me as I float on this noodle...."

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JCHokie said...

LOL, I love you so much! That is hysterical and sounds like something I would totally do too! How cool was that ship wreckage on the shore!? The waters look amazing!